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Who  We Are

Welcome to Great Lakes Winery.

We don't stomp the grapes but our juice tastes like we did.


Always fresh and ready to go. Choose the varietal grape you want to try and we will help you do the rest. 

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Red Grape Vines hanging on a vine in a large mountain vineyard
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We don't have a vineyard to tour and unfortunately, we don't have single bottles of wine to sell, however, we DO sell the finest selection of varietal grape juices from around the world, so that you can make your own finely crafted wines at home or on-site with the help of our knowledgeable staff and we are always there to answer your wine crafting questions with a smile. 


Great Lakes Winery Inc. has been operating in the Midland area for 25 years and is now owned and operated by Barbie Imerson Fell and Brian Fell.


"We've always dreamed of owning a winery in some capacity. This U-Brew Store was our chance to help people craft their own wines in a fun, spacious, sterile environment.

We wanted our guests to be in a comfortable surrounding, while crafting their own wines and to provide all the latest in wine accessories at an affordable price. 

We take pride in our business and enjoy getting to know our Customers"

Vintners: Barbie and Brian Fell

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Barb And Brian Great Lakes Winery
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