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Celebrating more than 25 years of perfecting craft wines, we take pride in helping you brew your own batches of wine, using the best varietal grapes from around the world. Our ferment on premise U-Brew Winery will provide you with the best tasting grape varietals at a fraction of the cost. You keep coming back for the premium taste and the amazing experience of crafting the wines yourself.

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Georgian Pines silhouette
Georgian Pines silhouette


In approximately 4-6 weeks, your wine is perfected and ready to bottle.

The whole process is quick, convenient and fun.


At 1/3 the cost, our prices are affordable, our selection is notable and our wine is delicious.


We also have a wide variety of labels and a multitude of coloured shrink caps to impress your

family and friends.

Great Lakes Winery Kit
Great Lakes Winery Kit
Wine Bottle
Great Lakes Winery Bottle
text image that reads Great Lakes Winery Inc.
text image that reads Great Lakes Winery Inc.
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Our friendly and experienced staff guides you, step by step, through the art of wine making. Everything from start to finish, is done on our premises. Your initial visit takes only 10 minutes. The racking, clarifying, and state-of-the-art filtering process is done by our staff and we guarantee you crystal-clear wine

every time. You return to bottle your wine after 4-8 weeks.

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