Welcome to Great Lakes Winery

We invite you to try a new experience, making your own beautiful wine.

At Great Lakes Winery it's fun, it's easy, and the cost is 1/3 of what you are currently paying for similar wines.

Our friendly and experienced staff guides you, step by step, through the art of wine making. Everything from start to finish, is done on our premises. Your initial visit takes only 10 minutes. The rest of the work is handled by our staff, including the racking, clarifying, and state-of-the-art filtering process that guarantees you crystal-clear wine every time.

In just 30 days, your wine is ready to bottle, it takes only 15-20 minutes at a price that is affordable for anyone. Personalized labels are also available for weddings. When your wine is bottled and ready to go we will even carry out your wine to your car.

Thanks for choosing Great Lakes Winery for all your wine and beer needs!

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